A Warm Welcome from Suna Kıraç Library,     October, 2017   

A new Academic year just started. May it be productive, joyful and successful!

SKL continues for another year its educational role in the Community, aiming to support teaching and research with well trained personnel and high level services. Here are some recent news – stay tuned for many more along the year.

Survival Kit

The Library is here to assist all students throughout their studies providing tools, resources and services. And that is why we created a bilingual Library Survival Kit especially for the newcomers. As the name reveals, the content of the tool includes all necessary, essential information on the Library so that they manage to survive and never be in doubt on what there is for them.

Surviving assistance includes information on the search tools, the services, the contact information and many more. There is also a two sides bookmark which can be used for marking a page while studying but will also be a remind of two important campaigns:

  1. #BeQUIETinSKL for a quiet space for all
  2. #SKLFairSpace for fair use of common areas

Last but for sure not least, the Kit was accompanied by a mini stapler, the famous “zımba”, which they can always have with them and use while in the Library.

Newcomers Orientation

On September 15th SKL team hosted MORE THAN 1000 students within 2 hours for the Library Orientation. First year students along with their mentors were informed about the Library’s profile and role in the academic society, the Library’s campaigns on Silence #BeQUIETinSKL and fair use of common areas #SKLFairSpace and most importantly they received all necessary information on how to complete the online LIB101 course in order to gain 1 Credit.

At the end, they were given the Survival Kit and their personal stapler, so that they are fully prepared for the new academic year.

A similar Orientation was prepared for all Exchange students, as they are equal part of the Student community. They also received the Survival Kit for extra help.

Good news are, we are out of stock both for the Survival Kit and the staplers! Fall17 mission ACCOMPLISHED!

Book Exhibition

15th Istanbul Biennial is here! So many interesting exhibitions around the city to visit and a Book exhibition on ART and related subjects right here, in SKL. Come take a look at our 1rst October exhibition and browse our online Catalogue in order to see the Art books we have in our collection.

New members in SKL team

Our team is being expanded with the addition of two new members, Mustafa and Samet.
Mustafa Ergül is our new Archive Specialist, who will work for our Digital Collections. Samet Bozok is the new member for the night shift. Those of you who stay late or prefer to come and study after 10:00pm, you will find him at the Circulation Desk.

Contact Us
For more information please send email to askalibrarian@ku.edu.tr or call # 1317