Welcome to our Biweekly Newsletter – Special Issue on E-Resources Februrary 17, 2017

Suna Kıraç Library continues to support your research in 2017 with new databases and journals. We did our best to meet user requests received throughout the year with different types of products from various fields. For details of these new product, you may scrolldown to read or visit library.ku.edu.tr page.

Library’s New Featured E-Resources

De Gruyter All Languages-HSS: Subscription to De Gruyter Humanities and Social Sciences Collection gives access to 272 Journals from various fields such as Economics, History, Law, Philosophy.

Gale Turkey, Greece, Balkan Studies: The documents in this collection on Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans are sourced from the Central Files of the General Records of the Department of State. The records are under the jurisdiction of the Legislative and Diplomatic Branch of the Civil Archives, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C. Contained here is the Greco-Turkish Convention signed at Ankara, 10 June 1930. Most of the archive is in French and Turkish. Includes 11,685 images.

Gale Democracy in Turkey 1950-1959: This collection of State Department documents provides access to unique primary source materials on the political, economic and social development of Turkey during a period of democratization in the 1950s. Includes 54,489 images.

Oxford Handbooks Online: Philosophy; Archeology; Classical Studies: Scholarly Research Reviews is an outstanding collection of Handbooks on Philosophy, Archeology and Classical Studies. You may reach 4,498 articles and 128 ebooks from these collections

Library’s New Featured E-Resources

JOVE Biology: Welcomes all general biology research methodologies. Content in this section canvases all fields of cell, molecular, and organismal biology, ranging from new applications of standard techniques to novel approaches aimed at understanding the functions of life and living organisms. This diverse section includes, but is not limited to, techniques in physical biology, cellular biochemistry, genetics, physiology, systems biology and a combination of eukaryotic and prokaryotic model systems.

JOVE Neuroscience: Is a multidisciplinary section devoted to investigations of the structure, function, physiology, and pathophysiology of the brain and nervous system. Included methodologies range from molecular and cellular level studies to full central and peripheral neural systems. Potential treatment platforms and surgical techniques for neurological diseases and disorders are also presented in this section.

American Journal of Archaeology: Reaches more than 50 countries and almost 1,000 universities, learned societies, departments of antiquities, and museums about he following subjects: Archaeology, Architecture & Architectural History, Art & Art History, Arts, Classical Studies, Humanities, Social Sciences

Upgraded E-Resources:

Emerald Premier – 360 Journals: Upgraded to Emerald Premier 360 Journals from Emerald Management 120 Journals.

SpringerLink: In addition to SpringerLink current access, we have now access to all archive issues of 839 journals from the first issue of these journals.

OVID LWW Total Access: In addition to OVID current access, with the LWW Comprehensive Archive, we have now access to archive of all journals from the first issue.

Passport GMID: Upgraded from Countries Economies & Consumers to a new subscription that also includes Industries from 50 Countries

Annual Reviews: Upgraded to Sciences Collection (44 Journals) from Life Sciences Collection (30 Journals). Also subsciption to Economics Collection with 3 journals.

Also we will have access to the following journals via EKUAL (National Academic License for Electronic Resources) during 2017.

  • Translational Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine
  • Rehabilitation Nursing Journal
  • JBJS Journal of Orthopaedics for Physician Assistants
  • JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports
  • Frontiers of Health Services Management
  • Journal of Healthcare Management

To access these titles please search by Journal name via library website (library.ku.edu.tr) from “E-Journals” search box


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